I spent a short time of my childhood on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea close to Thessaloniki/Greece. However, most of the time I grew up in Germany, in a little town between Wuppertal and Cologne surrounded by rivers and mountain areas. For my studies I was drawn to the former capital Bonn - and in between to beautiful Wales/GB.


The Rhineland mentality, which perfectly fits my Greek temperament, has always been a part of me. However, after more than 25 years in various regions of Baden-Württemberg, I would not like to miss both life and people in this likeable part of Germany any more.



I am married to the physicist Prof. Dr. Joa­chim An­ker­hold. With our adult children Elias and Ka­te­ri­na An­ker­hold we share the enthusiasm for books, music, art, mountains, hiking, other countries, people and cultures and much more.


From our numerous short and long stays around the globe, we bring along many photos, beautiful handicrafts, fragrant spices, enriching interpersonal experiences and the desire for more new adventures.



In my spare time, I also like to deal with practical, handicraft things.


However, my greatest passion, now decades old, is and remains photography, especially experiments with architecture, perspectives and light.

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